Paris Autobarn provides the most environmentally friendly automotive repair and service in South Paris, Maine. We strive to use the most sustainable practices currently available to the automotive service industry and we are always looking for new and innovative ways to protect our environment. Our goal is to become the most eco-friendly automotive repair facility in the area while doing our part to reduce the effects of climate change.

How we “green” our shop:

  • Our shop’s primary heat source is a pair of ultra-efficient air-to-air heat pumps.
  • We use clean, 100% locally-made renewable energy thanks to our roof top solar array.
  • We use energy efficient LED lighting throughout our entire shop.
  • Our washroom features a water saving toilet with two flush modes.
  • We recycle a majority of the waste that our shop produces thanks to a “zero-sort” recycling program.
  • We wash our parts in a non-toxic solution that uses a process called “bioremediation.” This system is safe for us and safe for the environment.
  • All of our used engine oil, transmissions fluid, and antifreeze is properly recycled.
  • We use a non-toxic, biodegradable rust penetrant and lubricant.
  • Our business cards are printed on recycled paper from trees harvested under the sustainable forestry (FSC) initiative using waterless printing and chlorine free processing.
  • Our repair orders and invoices are printed on ecologically friendly paper made from recovered sugarcane fibers.
  • We offer bicycles to use while customers are waiting for their cars, as part of CEBE’s bike share program.

Green Services for our Eco-Savvy Customers:

  • Our oil change services include 100% re-refined engine oil: EcoPower—a premium API-certified re-refined motor oil guaranteed to exceed manufacturer specifications. It’s not only a green choice, it actually protects your engine better than conventional motor oil!
  • We utilize MicroGreen Oil Filters that allow extended intervals between oil changes, to maximize the useful life of your engine oil. With this filter you can extend the life of your oil to 30,000 miles—with only the filter being changed every 10,000 miles.
  • We now offer a completely bio-degradable soy-based oil from bio-based product as an option for our oil changes.
  • We use an oil filter crushing machine to remove 95% of the residual oil from used oil filters, allowing us to recycle both the oil and the filters rather than sending them to a landfill. Watch the video to see it in action!
  • We have the equipment to properly recover, recharge, and recycle air conditioning refrigerant.
  • We use a brake lathe, a machine that sometimes allows us to restore the smooth factory finish of your brake rotors and drums rather than installing replacement parts.
  • We have the know-how and equipment to keep your vehicle’s emissions control systems working properly.
  • We offer customers the use of a free electric vehicle charger (EV Charger) to charge their electric cars.




We offer charging for all makes and models of electric vehicles with our 240Volt, level 2 electric vehicle charging station and two Tesla destination chargers. While your vehicle is charging come inside our office and make use of our free WiFi. You can also check out some of our many earth friendly products, including ultra low rolling resistance Nokian tires for your EV. All three of our electric vehicle charging stations are solar powered. See our listing on PlugShare for more information.

The ClipperCreek HCS-60 charger is compatible with all plug-in vehicles available today. With 48 Amps available for charging, the HCS-60 is perfect for vehicles that can take advantage of higher charging currents like the Nissan Leaf, Kia Soul EV, or Tesla Model S A rubber cable jacket increases cold weather flexibility of the 25 foot long cable. ClipperCreek products are made in the USA, compatible with every vehicle, and automotive supply chain certified.

The two Tesla Destination chargers are compatible with the Tesla Model S, Model X, and the upcoming Model 3. Each charger has a maximum 80 Amp output which is compatible with Tesla vehicles with dual on board chargers and allow for the highest charging rate possible on a destination charger.

Charging is offered free of charge for all regular Paris Autobarn customers.


Contact us for inquiries and to schedule an appointment.